BIRD BISkIT - when only the best will do

NUTRITIOUS  Carefully selected, all-natural ingredients specifically tailored to provide birds with the energy, protein and micronutrients they need to thrive.

NO HASSLE  A simple, mess-free, non-greasy, homemade preparation process that takes just seconds to complete

ECO-FRIENDLY A genius way to recycle leftover cooking oils and fat that helps protect the natural environment that birds rely on

ATTRACTIVE Makes 10 delicious, nutritious biscuits that birds can’t resist. Guaranteed to attract a wide variety of feathery friends to your garden.

VERSATILE Can be used in a feeder, on a bird table or on the ground, and is suitable for use all year round

FRESH AND CLEAN  No fillers or artificial ingredients in sight, and scientifically proven to be free from harmful bacteria

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Disease Free “Isle of Man Cereals - Kibbled and Milled” to increase digestibility and nutritional value. Bird Biskit is made suitable for all bird sizes. This unique blend of nutrition is maximised by the cooking process and inclusion of specific seeds such as Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Chips, Maize, Pinhead Oats, Red Dari, Black Rape, Red Millet etc;
Carbohydrates – Protein – Energy ….. at its very BEST! 
BECAUSE: If it’s cooked its got to be FRESH!        















Pour some waste kitchen oil or fat into the tray provided, add the patented Biscuit mix and a little water, stir to a creamy paste and just seconds in the microwave will bind all the ingredients together to literally bake a fantastic high energy biscuit that is cleaner and fresher than anything else available - "birds just love it"