What is Bird Biskit

Our unique BisKit Mix is a patented blend of proteins and starches that turns cooking waste oil and fat into dry, firm products in seconds! Microwaves have no influence on vegetable oil which is the most common oil used in cooking today. Now, with BisKit Mix, we can transform awkward but valuable waste into food for birds This stops cooking waste liquids going down the drain or into the bin, causing problems
Bird Biskit Mix is a unique blend of nutrition and is maximised by the cooking process and inclusion of specific seeds such as sunflower hearts, peanut chips, maize, pinhead oats, red dari, black rape, and red millet. This formula combines carbohydrates, protein, and energy at their very best.

We always say: if it’s cooked, it’s got to be fresh!


Bird Biskit is made of carefully selected, all-natural ingredients, specifically tailored to provide your garden birds with the energy, protein, and micronutrients they need to thrive.

No Hassle

We provide a simple, mess-free, non-greasy, homemade preparation process that takes just seconds to complete.


This is a genius way to recycle leftover cooking oils and fat that helps protect the natural environment that birds rely on.


Bird Biskit makes delicious, nutritious biscuits that birds can’t resist. When placed outside, they're bound to attract a wide variety of birds.


They can be used in a feeder, on a bird table, or on the ground, and are suitable for use all year round.

The Perfect Food Supply

Our all-natural, premium seed mix is the perfect way to supply wild birds with all the energy, protein, and micronutrients they need to thrive.

So Easy – simply empty a pouch of premium food mix into the tray provided or any mould of your choice, add water and stir to a creamy paste. Then, cook in the microwave for seconds to bind the ingredients, and you're left with a fantastic, highly nutritious biscuit that’s cleaner and fresher than anything else on the market.
To make the biskit even more nutritious add some cooking oil or fat