our wild bird seed range

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NO SPILL  A unique way of packaging bird food using portion control

TUBES Each tube contain 240gm premium bird food which fills a small feeder or half the average size feeder so use 1 or 2 a day

NO SPILL Handy Rip and Tip Tubes means no more messy spillages, big bags, containers and scoops etc

FRESH Keeps Bird Seed Sealed and Fresh until needed

CONVENIENT The Most Easy and Convenient Way to Feed Seed to Birds


          Premium Bird seed

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Kibbled Maize, Red Dari, Kibbled Peas,Wheat, Black Sunflower Seed and Yellow Millet. A step up from the standard grade with some smaller seeds, helping to attract a larger

            peanut rich bird seed

Bird seed tubes peanut rich.jpg

We all know how much the birds love Peanuts so we decided to combine them with one of our best seed mixes. Containing over 20% Kibbled Peanuts this mix is readily consumed by a wide variety of birds and is highly nutritious. Kibbled Maize, Red Dari, Kibbled Peas, Wheat,Black Sunflower Seed and Yellow Millet

Sunflower Rich Bird Seed

Bird seed tubes sunflower rich.jpg

High in both Black Sunflower and Sunflower Hearts together with other grains and small seeds, this is an ideal all year round mix. Kibbled Maize, Red Dari, Kibbled Peas,Wheat, Black and White Sunflower Seed and Yellow Millet.

                  sunflower hearts

Bird seed tubes sunflower hearts.jpg

   The kernel or heart of the Sunflower seed, high in healthy oils- the ultimate fast food for birds



Serious or casual bird feeder our all-natural, No Spill Premium Bird Seed mixes are the perfect way to supply your favourite garden friends with all the energy, protein and micro-nutrients they need to thrive

Best of all the seed comes in handy 240gm tubes which is enough for a small feeder or half an average size feeder

No need to open a large bag with the seed liable to lose its freshness. No need for a scoop or any other container to hold the seed. Just grab a tube rip the top off and pour into feeder

No hassle, no spills and so convenient. Whatever your feeding routine, daily or otherwise take one or more tubes and the jobs done!