Why Bird Biskit is so good for the environment and even better for our garden birds

‘British homes 'pouring 18 MILLION litres of cooking fat down the drain each year'

The study by home insurer MORE TH>N found over half of us admit tipping fat and cooking oils down the drain after a meal (56 per cent) and six per cent of households confess they do it every day

The United States estimates that 40 to 60% of all preventable sewage system overflows nationwide are due to fats, oils and grease.

It may be tempting if you have a little oil or fat left over from cooking to pour it down your kitchen sink plughole or flush it down the loo. But water companies and consumer organisations are trying to raise awareness about the problems this approach to disposal can cause. 

The Consumer Council for Water, which represents water consumers in England and Wales, warns that fats, oils and greases discarded in this way can quickly lead to a blocked plughole, drain or toilet which will probably mean you will end up paying for an emergency call-out. 

The myth that you can run hot water after the fat and use washing up liquid to dissolve fat and stop it cooling and solidifying in your pipes is just not true. 

The CCW also estimates around three quarters of the 200,000 sewer blockages which happen in the UK every year could be avoided if these substances weren’t poured down the drain.  If you think it costs water companies around £15million every year to clear blockages, you get some idea of the extent of the problem, and how much extra is passed onto customers’ bills because of the issue.

In the worse cases, so-called fatbergs build up in sewers. These are huge conglomerations of congealed food fat mixed with other items such as wet wipes, which cause major blockages that can lead to flooding. Several years, ago a fatberg the size of a bus was discovered causing a blockage in a west London sewer.



Bird Biskit can help feed the declining wild bird population by providing safe and highly nutritious food whilst diverting 000's tonnes of waste cooking fats and oils from our sewer systems and landfill

Bird Biskits are so irresistible you’ll have the birds in your life flapping their wings in joy. You’ll find they turn their beaks up at seed feeders in favour of the biscuits which often get devoured in no time at all. There’s nothing quite like Bird Biskits available anywhere else. It’s the only complete kit of its kind. The fact that the biscuit is hard and dry means that—unlike ready-made fat balls—they don’t melt in hot weather and the birds don’t smear their feathers on the fat.

We commissioned a scientific study by York University Bio Renewables Development Centre who concluded that,

This study concludes that the bird biscuits used within this did not have any Salmonella spp. present. Therefore, it can be suggested that there is an extremely low risk of Salmonella spp. being present within any biscuits made within the home environment using fat accumulated over a period of several weeks and stored in the fridge.  

Results from qPCR analysis also indicate that a greater level of variability in the amount of microbial load occurs between the “Well Known” suet balls tested than bird biscuits produced for use within this study.  Highlighting that the use of bird biscuit product may actually provide more control over the amount of microbes wild birds are exposed to when made following the method suggested on the packaging

Overall it can be concluded that this product appears to provide a viable use of used cooking fat that will reduce the amount of oily/fatty products being poured down the drain, which can lead to damaging consequences.  The product will additionally provide a food source for garden birds, which over the last few years have reportedly been declining in numbers.” 

Bird Biskit benefits everyone - Not only does it answer environmental questions it’s a great way to educate children and parents about how to think outside the box when it comes to saving the planet - "one bird biskit at a time"